The Gardening Year June 2019

At long last the weather has improved and the warm days are really bringing the garden and countryside into life.
There are so many jobs to be done this month its a good job the days are longer!
Bedding plants can be planted outdoors now, always rake a good quality compost into the soil before planting beds and borders, good results begin with good roots that can take up nutrients. Hanging baskets windowboxs and tubs can be put in their final positions too, remember to feed them weekly with tomato food but never let this fertilizer onto the leaves as it can burn them the secret is to mix it well in water and pour it onto the compost. In dry or windy weather water your plants daily.
Look out for bedding plants that slugs hate Begonia, Ageratum, Lobelia, Snapdragons, there are quite a few, its safer for birds and hedgehogs when you don’t need to use slug pellets. Copper tape around containers is a good slug deterrrent and Slug Stop is a much safer treatment than conventional Slug Pellets. Plant flowers bees are attracted to in windowboxs and Tubs, Calendula,Alyssum,Bidens,Dahlia while everlasting perennial flowers such as lupins,Salvia,Poppies,Catmint,the list is endless in your beds.
Keep planting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans etc., they can still be planted from seed or bought as ready to grow young plants, old buckets, unused sandpits with holes added make great containers and a good talking point plus you cant beat the flavour of fresh produce from your own garden. In beds or drills hoe weeds regularly to keep them down, avoid using weed killer in the veg garden as sprays leach into the soil and it defeats the purpose of growing healthy food.
Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes and when the leaves are curled begin liquid feeding them.plant marigolds in any empty spaces as they deter greenfly.
Cut back any trees and shrubs that have finished flowering apart from flowering cherries these are best pruned in July. In dry weather water all newly planted shrubs. Continue planting adding colour and shape to your garden.
Keep a lookout for black spot and greenfly and spray every 10 days to prevent these from taking hold, In mid June liquid feed your roses with tomato food, it is high in potash and will encourage more blooms.
Continue to mow lawns,and keep them trim and tidy, its a good idea to give them a liquid feed to keep them nice and green, liquid seaweed works a treat it feeds the roots and keeps them healthy but dosent make the grass grow out of control. Consider making a wildlife area with unmown grass, plant a few flowers bees enjoy in this area such as clover and listen to the sound of them working as you sit and relax with a glass or two!! Enjoy until next month Laura
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